Pole Barns


Custom Barn Packages

 Pole barns come in every imaginable size and shape.  At Glasers Lumber we can customize a pole barn to your specific need.  From simple garages to horse barns and agricultural barns, we can help you get your building up and in use.  We stock long length lumber, long length poles and long length treated lumber to get your large buildings up fast.  Dimensional lumber specifically engineered for pole barn construction, including LVL's and engineered posts.  Business, small business, farms, and homeowners alike will find just what they need at Glasers Lumber to build a pole barn to suit their needs. 

Personalized barn layouts and material lists

Glasers Lumber will not only get you with the right material for your building but can provide you with a printed layout and detail elevations that let you know where each stick of lumber goes.

It's OK

Your wife said you could have a new pole barn